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React Native Fitness Tracker and Routine Manager

Using cutting-edge tools, Sync Health Technologies mission is to inspire people to live longer, healthier lives. We were tasked with developing a fully-featured mobile app for fitness enthusiasts that would help them keep track of their workouts, set and monitor goals, and connect with others who shared their interests.



Image Sync Health

Services Used

UX/UI Design - Development - Project Management - Data Management - Real-Time Updates - Payments Integration - AWS Suite


The major challenge was to create a feature-rich, user-friendly, high-performance application that could effectively track fitness metrics while encouraging user engagement and personalization.

Sync App

The Technical Journey of Building Sync Health App

The creation of a cross-platform mobile application was achieved through the React Native framework, while the server-side functionality was developed using Ruby on Rails. Amazon Web Services (AWS) was chosen for its dependable, scalable, and secure cloud computing services.

Deployment on AWS extended beyond mere data storage solutions; it encompassed real-time updates and alert mechanisms through AWS Lambda and Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS). To optimize data retrieval and reduce server strain, GraphQL was implemented, enhancing the application's fluidity and responsiveness.

Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) was utilized for relational database management, Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) for the storage of user-generated content, Amazon Cognito for streamlined user authentication processes, AWS AppSync for the creation of GraphQL APIs, Amazon DynamoDB for efficient database operations, AWS CloudFront for rapid content distribution, and Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) for automating email communications. These technological integrations were crucial in developing a responsive, scalable, and feature-rich application.

Main Features

Activity Tracking

Monitors various health indicators like steps, distance covered, heart rate, and stress level, providing a comprehensive health overview to users.

Competitive Ranking

Enables users to compare progress with community members, promoting healthy competition.

Customized Topics

Offers users the freedom to select from a variety of fitness topics to receive tailored content.

Nutrition Tracking

Assists users in tracking their dietary intake, particularly carbohydrates.

Community Challenges

Encourages user engagement through community-wide fitness challenges.

Exercise Videos

Provides an extensive library of workout videos for correct exercise execution.

Group Activities

Fosters a sense of community by enabling users to form groups and plan workouts together.

Event Calendar

Personalized calendar for users to schedule workouts, group activities, and other fitness-related events.

Locational Services

Directs users to local gyms, yoga studios, and other fitness-related facilities.

Payments Integration

With the integration of Apple Pay and Google Pay, we ensured secure in-app transactions, thereby elevating user convenience and trust in our platform.

Data Management

We effectively managed data through AWS, GraphQL, and Amazon RDS, leading to optimal app performance.

Information Architecture

We designed a user-friendly application structure, assuring effortless navigation and accessibility for all users.

User Research

With Sync Health's team, we discovered valuable user insights that guided us to a user-centric design approach.

Product Research

We conducted thorough research into user behavior, allowing us to continually optimize the design and lay the groundwork for future development stages.

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