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Our Step-By-Step Process

We deploy our innovative process to design, develop and maintain custom software and mobile app solutions.

Created from years of experience, our playbook ensures that the final result is a customized product that meets your business needs. Our team works with complete dedication, discipline, and collaborative effort to ensure effective communication, using client feedback to constantly improve our services.

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Project Kickoff

Quality Assurance: Communication & Tools

Code Standards

We work hard to ensure that every project is built on the right design and architectural patterns and that our codebases respect the right technical standards, norms, and best practices. We also include tools in our codebases to enforce all of the above.

Code Review

No line of code goes to production without a peer review. We polish our code review process and tools to ensure the code we integrate is maintainable and improves the overall quality of the codebase. We encourage all developers in the company to contribute to the quality assurance of all our projects.

Test Coverage

As developers finish stories, they include automated unit and integration tests in the code. Test coverage is critical as it notifies developers in real time when new code is added and fails. Without test coverage, the entire program must be manually checked to see if the new code broke the old code. This is time-consuming, expensive, and inefficient.

Quality Assurance Process
Revision Process

Timelines & Revisions

To finish every project successfully, we follow mutually-set timelines. We have an internal project calendar used to track every step and stage of the project. We plan out each project and break it up into major and minor milestones with set deadlines. For each deliverable, we keep a considerable margin for revisions.


Each of our deliverables passes through a dozen sets of eyes and is evaluated, examined, criticized, and improved. Our team fine-tunes every little detail so that you get the best service. We emphasize quality control and Q&A testing on the deployment server by the client.

Project Conclusion & Next Steps

Once we are finished, we switch from the development phase to maintenance and support. We make sure to audit the entire project and ensure each step, deliverable and milestone is accounted for when we submit the final product. This is how we build trust.

Delivery & Deployment

Delivery & Deployment

Once the project is completed, we display and test it on the client development server. If required, we transfer the project to the main server and deploy it. Following that, we send over all the assets that were used, generated, or designed for the project. 



Upon completion of the project, all ownership rights of the developed assets are transferred you, ensuring full and unrestricted access to all project materials and resources.

What’s next?

What’s next?

Our relationship with you lasts much longer than the initial launch. To ensure that you remain at the forefront of your field, we analyze customer input and create innovative new features to ensure the continued functionality of your new website or application. We also provide application and error monitoring as a service incorporating state-of-the-art methods, cutting-edge and time-tested technology, and high-quality software.

Any industry, any need.

We've supported a wide range of businesses, from IoT, Hospitality, Travel and Healthcare and even SMEs to startups. Our teams turn your ideas into tangible business impact solutions.

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