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Industry Expertise

Travel & Hospitality

We work with hotels, restaurants, resorts, venues and travel agencies that make up this dynamic sector.


Improving health access and treatment for individuals, we use cloud solutions to supplement resource capability, staff productivity and data dissemination to increase quality of care.

Telecommunications & Media

We develop bespoke software solutions for internet, landline and media service providers as well as broadcasting, mobile and satellite network operators to expand coverage and improve customer experience and satisfaction.

SMEs & Startups

We help SMEs and startups with everything from concept validation and MVP development to scalable infrastructure for future project upgrades. Our bespoke software solutions include CRM systems, inventory management tools, project management platforms, financial management systems, marketing automation, e-commerce, mobile apps and cloud computing.


We develop custom software solutions, including AI and machine learning, to connect and manage devices and sensors. IoT solutions include device management, data analytics, predictive maintenance systems, smart building solutions, supply chain management systems and predictive inventory management systems.

Social Networks

We develop customized solutions and enhanced functionality for social media including machine learning, custom recommendation algorithms, moderation tools, advertising algorithms, user analytics tools, social media management tools and chatbot integration.

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