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AlamedaDev is a full life cycle software solutions company. We provide Modern Software Development and AI integrations.

AI at AlamedaDev

AI integration solutions

Use artificial intelligence to boost operational efficiency and reduce overheads by automating routine processes and optimizing resource distribution. We develop technologies with Hugging Face, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services to construct robust solutions.

Microsoft Azure
Hugging Face

Our Services

Build in best-in-class ecosystems

AI Integration

AlamedaDev - Tailored

Custom Software Development

Our engineering team uses iterative milestones with an emphasis on functionality and UX/UI across the product development cycle. We prioritize features and scope to handle each objective step by step, with weekly reporting on Trello, JIRA, or your preferred project administration platform.

AI Integration

AlamedaDev - AI

AI consulting and integration services

We develop, integrate, and customize AI models tailored to your needs, driving operational excellence and groundbreaking growth for your company.

UX UI design service

AlamedaDev - Subscription Plans

Software Development as a Service (SDaaS)

Now, you can access an entire team dedicated to every aspect of your software development project—without the costs and complexities of hiring and managing full-time staff.

Flat Rate Plan

Let's supercharge your product's development without the overhead of full-time hires.


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