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Hakkasan: Event management system and ticket sales

The Event Booking System is Angular and Ruby on Rails-based ticketing and event management software. It offers event organizers an efficient and streamlined solution for managing ticket sales and attendee information. Customers can easily browse and purchase tickets for events of interest thanks to its user-friendly interface. The system also provides event organizers with an easy-to-use dashboard for managing events, tracking sales, and analyzing attendance data.

Homu Health Ventures: Biomedicine startup with an emphasis on reproductive health

The app, built with React Native technology, is a complete solution for embryo transfer coordination. The app synchronizes patients, doctors, and embryologists, ensuring the best possible outcomes through seamless communication and coordination. Patients can easily access and manage their reproductive health data, while doctors and embryologists can easily track and manage patient progress and treatment plans.

Gohub: Website Build in ReactJS with Gatsby

GoHub's software development initiative encompassed three major projects. The first project involved building a corporate and services website using Gatsby and ReactJS, with a proprietary front-end component library, and incorporating Webflow for the GLOBAL OMNIUM AUDITORIO project. The second project was the creation of a robust and flexible custom UI front-end library for GoHub Ventures, ensuring error-free performance through meticulous testing and debugging. The third project focused on utilizing Storybook for detailed documentation of the custom UI

BoatTrack: GPS for your boat.

This GPS security system allows for real-time tracking and monitoring, as well as emergency features like distress signal deployment and alarm sounding. It is a boat security system that uses React Native technology to provide alerts for unauthorized entry or tampering.

MeteoAran: App for monitoring ski season weather.

Weather monitoring solution created specifically for the ski season. The app, built with React Native technology, includes a real-time weather radar, maps, alerts, and cameras, providing skiers with up-to-the-minute weather information. The app also includes a forecast feature, which provides valuable information on upcoming weather patterns to skiers, allowing them to plan their trips accordingly.

Clappy: Social Proof App

Cutting-edge social proof app that uses blockchain technology to help businesses with their hiring processes. The app, built with React Native technology, provides a streamlined and efficient experience for both employers and job seekers. The app assists businesses in identifying top candidates and making confident hiring decisions by providing social proof.

Oasis: Agriculture App

Machine learning-based agriculture app that streamlines crop cultivation and administration. Developed with React Native technology, the app provides farmers with real-time data on crop production, crop protection, and smart farming. It also includes a unique feature that divides farmland into parcels and suggests crops for each parcel based on soil quality, water availability, and climate.

Nómina Flexible: Employee benefits and rewards management

Employee benefits and rewards management system developed with ReactJS and Angular technology. The system includes a comprehensive dashboard that allows workers to set aside predetermined amounts of their paychecks for tax-free daily expenses such as lunch, childcare, and public transportation.

Integrated Point of Sales Dashboard & Table Ordering App for Firebirds

Firebirds Suite is a powerful dashboard and an easy-to-use app that will make your dining experience better. Built with Node and NextJS and made stronger with AWS Services, the Firebirds Group Dashboard is a single place to manage orders, online orders, reservations, tables, and payments. It makes sure that the restaurant's activities can be easily managed and that all customer needs are met. The online order management system makes it even easier to place an order online. The Firebirds App, which was made with React Native, goes with the dashboard. Customers can use this app to look at the menu, place orders, ask for the check, and pay for their food without leaving their table. It syncs in real time with the dashboard, so restaurant staff can handle orders, reservations, and payments quickly.

Pioneering Blockchain Solutions

We're working with ioBuilders, who are a leader blockchain company. We took their ideas and made a website that is more than just a digital front—it's a doorway to the future of blockchain solutions. By taking advantage of goHugo flexibility, we were able to make a platform that is both visually appealing and functionally strong. We integrated Netlify, a top CMS, to give the ioBuilders team an easy way to manage content.

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