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Effective, bespoke solutions

Event Booking system

Ticketing and event management software built with Angular and Ruby on Rails.

Venture builder for biomedicine startups with emphasis on reproductive health.

Application in React Native, that SYNCHRONIZES the patient, doctor, and embryologist, obtaining the best embryo transfer coordination. Developed in React Native.

Management system for CAE documents that is fully automated.

Digital signature and document management application built in React Native. 

GPS for your boat.

BoatTRACK is a boat-specific GPS tracking and surveillance system app. A security system for controlling and monitoring the status of your boat or fleet. Developed in React Native.

App for monitoring the weather during the ski season.

Radar for the weather, complete with maps, alerts, and cameras, as well as a forecast. Developed with React Native

Social Proof App

Blockchain-based social network that facilitates the hiring process for companies. Developed with React Native

Agriculture App

Solution for the cultivation and administration of crops. Using Machine Learning, it delivers top-notch data on crop production, crop protection, smart farming with agriculture, and specialized services. Developed with React Native

Nómina Flexible

Employee benefits and rewards management

A dashboard that allows workers to set aside predetermined amounts of their paychecks for tax-free daily expenses like lunch, childcare, and public transportation. Developed with ReactJS and Angular

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