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Desarrollo de aplicaciones web y productos digitalesDesarrollo de aplicaciones web y productos digitalesDesarrollo de aplicaciones web y productos digitales

Ryan O. Leads an active community around the world of wines and vineyards from San Francisco, California, WineMaps is a tool for finding the best places to enjoy a glass of wine or unique experiences. Ryan needed a mobile application for iOS and Android to combine his business.

The WineMaps application is developed with React Native and available for Apple and Android stores.

This project is developed entirely, from the conception of user flow, wireframes, design and implementation.

Smart Route Planner

Using React Native technology we divide each screen into reusable components for use on the different screens of the application.

Smart Route Planner

Some of the features of this development are:

  • Centralized REST API using a Drupal backend.
  • Search by word, location, tag, category, etc.
  • Use of Mapbox library.
  • Image gallery.
  • Offline mode
  • Geolocation.
  • Animations and transitions between screens.
  • Etc.
Smart Route PlannerSmart Route PlannerSmart Route Planner

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