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React Native - Application Development ServicesReact Native - Application Development ServicesReact Native - Application Development Services

Andalucía Water Tech Hub Challenge 2020 is a landing page, developed to promote the digital transformation of the water sector, launched together with the Junta de Andalucía, corresponding to the Gohub project in which we also participate.

Software Development CompanySoftware Development CompanySoftware Development Company

It is a website fully developed with the technologies of: ReactJs, GatsbyJs y Netlify.

The components used are mostly reused from the previous project developed at Gohub, using their own design system and components. This helps us streamline development processes for the same client when they have several projects based on the same design.

Software Development Company

Most outstanding utilities of a Landing Page:

  • Download your content offerings (e-books, white papers, webinars, etc.).
  • Offers like free trials, demos or coupons for your product.
  • Pay-per-click campaign in Google Ads that is oriented to searches related to the theme of your industry.
  • A promotion aimed at subscribers to the weekly newsletter by email or newsletter.

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