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React Native - Application Development ServicesReact Native - Application Development ServicesReact Native - Application Development Services

Most of our projects have a component developed for backend or back-office, where different lists, metrics, analysis, etc. are displayed. The uses of dashboards and back-office for applications can vary and depend on the different real applications of each platform.

At Alameda Dev, we have developed several dashboards and back-office that include the following uses:

full-featured, cross-platform mobile apps with excellent UX
  • User and Permission Management.
  • Item lists (users, reports, products, QR codes, etc.).
  • Item management (create, view, edit, delete).
  • Metrics (analytics, visits, statistics, charts, etc.)
  • Task status (active, on-hold, in process, waiting, archived, etc.)
  • File management (images, audios, videos, etc.)
  • Notifications and notices (updates, notifications, messages, etc.).
  • Etc.
administrador CMS

Our back-office are prepared to receive and send data and integrations with many APIs and platforms, such as Google Calendar, ERPs, WordPress REST APIs, Facebook API, Twitter API, custom APIs, etc.

We specialize in React ecosystem technologies: ReactJS, Gatsby, Netlify, WebFlow, NodeJS. We create backend and back-office able to scale with Ruby On Rails.

Each dashboard is personalized and adjusted to the needs of each client.

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