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Essential information for users of bike in Barcelona


Essential information for users of bike lanes, scooters, and electric scooters in Barcelona. Bike lanes, bike routes, accessories, events, and more. Mobile application for iOS and Android in development, made with React Native. In addition, a Landing Page was developed to enhance it's launch.

  • Geolocation in real time.
  • Route Planner.
  • Integration of contacts.
  • Save Favorite Routes.
  • Display Layers on map.
  • Integration with MapBox.
  • Push Notifications and notices (updates, notifications, messages, notices, etc).
  • Google Maps API .
  • Calculation of the route duration.

Our client BcnByBike, required to develop a comprehensive product that includes a Landing Page, a web / blog and an application for iOS and Android, with access to the user's Geolocation, on the map in real time.
As an entry point for the product, the Landing Page is an independent page to which we direct the traffic of Digital Marketing campaigns, capturing the attention and data of customers interested in the product. Our client also required a website / blog where to offer products and news of interest to Barcelona bicycle users.


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