The process Step by Step

The final result is a totally customized product and with the functionalities that your business needs.

This is our process. It details how we make successful Web and Mobile applications, and also how we run our company. It is full of things that we have learned based on our own experience and the study of the experiences of others.

Each website and mobile application that we develop at Alameda Dev is unique, we always start from the objectives set in the meetings with our clients.

cross-platform mobile app development


We ask questions. Many of them. Then, we listen, learn and discover, until together, we create a creative solution that is tailored to your specific needs, regardless of the size or scope of the project.
cross-platform mobile app development

The Kickoff Meeting

The first step of the discovery process is a kickoff meeting with our team. Our clients all begin at different stages in the process, so we use this time to evaluate what has been done so far on your project and plan out a Roadmap for designing the required features and functionality of your application.

Our goal is to answer three key questions:

Who are the buyers/users and why do they use the product of our client?

What are the different types of customers and if there are major differences between them? What key value propositions does the business provide?

What is the customer experience in the wep/application?

Attention, interest, desire, action. This is a good way to ensure that we understand the user's journey and intentions, at least at a high level. A clear summary of the customer experience.

What activities are strategically important?

These activities should be important and exclusive to the company's strategy. We put ourselves in the shoes of the users to understand their needs.

We define and elaborate the structure of your web/mobile application. We elaborate a sitemap where we structure the hierarchy of your web page according to the needs of the project.
We generate various ideas to solve your problems. Together we define the framework of the user experience and we will begin to formalize the user's journey.
Development of web applications and digital products


Before we can develop a new application, or build new features for an existing application, we must first design and create a prototype of what will be built.

At this point we will design and create an interactive prototype of the interface design and user experience based on the graphic line established and approved by the client.

Development of web applications and digital products


Describes our methodical approach to creating iOS, Android and Web applications. It is a reflection of all the things we have learned in our projects.
Once pre-development planning is complete, it's time to begin active development, which includes completing consecutive phases, conducting retrospectives at the end of each phase, and launching version releases based on the scheduled project milestones


Finally, once all the characteristics of the project are completed, after the client review the application is ready to launch a public version (or internal).


After the app is Launched, we can provide ongoing support through a maintenance agreement and / or ongoing active development agreements.


For applications/websites with planned future development, a maintenance agreement is all that is required to keep the application running well. Maintenance agreements cover the following:
Bug monitoring and bug reporting

We use various third-party tools for error monitoring and error reporting. These tools alert us when something goes wrong and help optimize performance.

Version Updates

Open source software languages are constantly updated by the open source community. Each update is called a 'version'. It is important to keep the versions updated, to ensure performance, security, etc.

Performance Optimization

For applications that manage large amounts of data or have large numbers of users, continuous performance optimization may be required. This may include monitoring and optimization of servers, load testing and optimization, reporting and response to failures, etc.

For customers who want to continue adding features and making changes over time, in addition to a maintenance agreement. Ongoing development agreements include the following:
Product Roadmaps

We will work with your team to create a robust product roadmap outlining what new features will be built and when. This helps prioritize features, plan budgets, etc ...

Design new functions

After adding new features to the product roadmap, we will complete a short design process to demonstrate the new feature and how it will work within the existing application.

Develop new functions

Once the design is complete, we will calculate how long it will take to develop the function, then add it to an upcoming sprint that will complete.

How much does the development of a mobile application or website cost?

Desarrollo de aplicaciones web y productos digitales

One of the first questions our clients ask us is this: How much does the development of my app or website cost? And it is one of the most difficult to answer in a first contact...

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